Southeast Asia is slowly opening up again and cross border travelling is returning to become part of daily business activities in a steady recovery process from the COVID crisis. SAC has been monitoring the latest trends and changes very closely out of its Kuala Lumpur office and has developed its own assessment of the situation.

US Demand Reaching out for Europe

US based OGARAJETS awarded Swiss Aviation Consulting with two demanding projects to support their clients’ interests in the acquisition of a Gulfstream 280 and a Challenger 604 at locations in Germany and Poland. Swiss Aviation Consulting took on the responsibility for the PPI Oversights in both prospective transactions and made sure that all required inspections were covered by professional and experienced SAC staff.

A Strong Team for Value Management, Innovation and Strategy

Swiss Aviation Consulting and Capital Alliance have teamed up to provide a truly bespoke service wherever you are. Both parties signed cooperation agreements in order to offer a comprehensive consultancy expertise with regards to Operations, Asset Value Management and Compliance. A global network of highly skilled aviation and regulatory experts will meet all clients’ needs in the Airline, Business Aviation, Offshore and Rescue Operations sectors, independent of their locations.

Aircraft Inspection under the Scorching Sun of Sharjah, UAE

This week our local inspector and asset manager Ms. Tianyi Ding was called to perform an aircraft inspection in Sharjah, UAE. On 06 July the inspection took place in a hangar at Sharjah International Airport and on 07 July on the apron with the APU running as the aircraft was about to depart to Bahrain. Temperatures reached desert like ranges, easily exceeding 50°C in the direct sun.


It looks like decreasing infection rates for COVID 19 will allow business activities in the aviation sector to grow again. In some regions, especially in the USA, brokers and operators of business jets have already been reporting very high demand and positive outlooks. Europe will follow in due time but is still facing unwanted restrictions and less overall flight activity (15-20%) with the exception of some larger domestic markets.

Engagement by Asian Bank to Facilitate their Investment in the Aviation Sector

Swiss Aviation Consulting got engaged by an Asian Bank to facilitate their newly defined investments within the aviation sector. The package includes the financing of Boeing 737 aircraft which will be leased to growing clients in the region. The project encompassed a feasibility study, market review, asset and equipment valuations and respective presentations to executive management and approval board.


Corona may change a lot of patterns and business rules these months but one rule will stay valid, especially in this crisis ridden time. It is the need for change and innovation to lift proven products on a next level or even kick off new product life cycles for matching changing market requirements and the need for more efficiency. No surprise new products are strongly linked to digitization and smart devices. SAC is proud to announce that innovative software applications are now available for our clients to offer more efficient, standardized and comprehensive solutions with regards to aircraft inspections, operator audits and authoring of compliance related documents (i.e. operations manuals). For each deliverable the client may decide on the proper focus.

All Swiss!

All Swiss! Swiss Aviation Consulting was mandated by a Swiss client to source a Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile Jet manufactured in Switzerland to be registered, based and operated in Switzerland. The acquired aircraft is the Pilatus demonstrator. It continues to be accessible for potential buyers of a new Pilatus PC-24. Enrolled in a Swiss Air…