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Corona may change a lot of patterns and business rules these months but one rule will stay valid, especially in this crisis ridden time. It is the need for change and innovation to lift proven products on a next level or even kick off new product life cycles for matching changing market requirements and the need for more efficiency. No surprise new products are strongly linked to digitization and smart devices. SAC is proud to announce that innovative software applications are now available for our clients to offer more efficient, standardized and comprehensive solutions with regards to aircraft inspections, operator audits and authoring of compliance related documents (i.e. operations manuals). For each deliverable the client may decide on the proper focus.

Digitization is the epitome of the successful growing of today’s business. Being connected is a trend and SAC has taken this theme and enhanced its internal processes pertaining to its inspections, audits and document authoring services. Our target is to maximise the value of the client’s aircraft throughout its life cycle whilst mitigating risk, to assure industry compliance and safety and to train human resources effectively. We are now able to report the condition of the clients’ assets in a shorter period of time and to relieve (regulated) organizations from living a time-consuming world of Word and Excel documents. Content management included.

SAC Business Review

All Swiss!

Swiss Aviation Consulting was mandated by a Swiss client to source a Pilatus PC 24 Super Versatile Jet manufactured in Switzerland to be registered, based and operated in Switzerland.

The acquired aircraft is the Pilatus demonstrator. It continues to be accessible for potential buyers of a new Pilatus PC 24. Enrolled in a Swiss Air Operator Certificate the aircraft is also available for charter. This dual use required to apply the recently released rules for Mixed Operations (EASA ORO.GEN.310) to a business aircraft for the first time. SAC advised the client on all aspects (operations, legal structure, financing, tax) of this demanding transaction combining SAC’s internal know-how with select external specialists. SAC facilitated the interaction of the OEM, lender, operator and the authorities. SAC continues to support the client as his representative monitoring the asset, the contractual framework and the operational cost on a monthly basis

Conair Aerial Fire Fighting headquartered in Abbotsford, BC, Canada awarded SAC in its 52nd season supporting wildfire control with a PPI Support Contract with regards to physical and records inspections for a fleet of 11 Bombardier Q400 Aircraft that had been put into interim storage. SAC will stay to be involved in technical supervision until the fleet’s transfer to North America. A special SAC reporting format is required to meet all specific requirements for transforming the turboprop-powered Dash 8 into a “Water Bomber” that is fitted with external tanks to take on 10’000 liters of water or retardant. Conair Group Inc. is the world leader in specialty aircraft operations, delivering a comprehensive range of purpose-engineered, aerial firefighting, multi-role aircraft and services worldwide. Conair is a Canadian company established in 1969 that employs over 330 skilled people. Conair safely flies 8,000 to 12,000 aerial firefighting flight hours with over 70 aircraft each year and has operations in Canada, USA, France, and Australia.

In addition, SAC took on various international inspection and appraisal requests for Commercial and Private Aircraft and is continuing to provide Asset Management and Transaction related support for the airline sector in East Asia to match current market needs and specific fleet portfolio requirements.

Meet the SAC Team

Name: Roland Seidel
Job Title: CEO
Location: SAC Headquarters, Hünenberg, Switzerland

For how long have you been with the company and why did you join?
“I joined Swiss Aviation Consulting in September 2019. From my studies on I have always been involved with aviation on various levels and air traffic became one of my passions. My vision was to combine this passion with an entrepreneurial setup. Daniel – our Chairman – gave me this chance.”

What do you like most about your current role?
“I like the way I can make a difference. Decisions and changes are possible in an efficient and pragmatic way without losing focus on professional standards. We are an international and dynamic team working on equal terms. My responsibilities require a wide range of flexibility and skills – from buying a Christmas tree to closing a multi-million USD transaction. Needless to say that COVID 19 brought in new aspects of managing a company that are challenging but enriching the same time.”

What has been your favourite project so far?
“I have seen many very interesting projects and aircraft so far but I guess our current engagement with Conair Aerial Fire-Fighting is something really special. The use of the assets is a specialty and the teaming with the client is just perfect. Also our and my personal involvement in redeliveries of several narrow bodies in East Asia and a demanding program steering for a European ANSP are definite highlights.”

List five hashtags that describe your personality.
#structured,  #disciplined,  #service focused,  #reliable,  #congenial

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
“I enjoy the mountains, flying and individual travelling. I also find a lot of joy in developing personal investments.”