The new European Drone regulation is in force from the end of December 2020. The Drone operations, either for commercial or leisure purposes, are subject to the same conditions across Europe. Switzerland will adopt the European provisions as of 01 January 2023.



Flying a drone commercially has an incredible business potential. The drone industry will create many benefits for our communities and has the opportunity to grow significantly over the coming years. To keep everyone safe and to make sure we share the airspace with everything else that flies, it is paramount to understand the new drone rules, regardless of whether it is used as a hobby or operated as part of a business (e.g. film making, crops dusting, etc).

Established in 2005, Swiss Aviation Consulting has a wide range of experience in manned aviation. Our goal is to channel all this knowledge to support the unmanned industry developments, ensuring the high safety standards of its operations.

If you are not familiar with the legislation and if you need to focus on your core business, leave it to us. We can tailor the best solution to meet your requirements. We are committed to assist you with all aspects of the process of developing a professional business with a drone or a fleet of drones, such as: registering the drone operator, training the remote pilots, assessing the risks, applying to conduct certain operations and choosing the best insurance solutions for your UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems).


Did you know that all drones over 250 grams need to be insured? Talk with us. We will help you find the best insurance solution.

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What is the best UAS type for my specific operation? What is the proper training required? What changed with the new legislation? If you have these questions let us know – we can support you.

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