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One of the most frequently asked questions Swiss Aviation Consulting is confronted with is: “How does the war in the Ukraine affect the activity and price levels for airlines and business jet operators?”.

Aviation has seen an uplift in 2021, recovering from serious COVID depression to moderate gains for the legacy carriers in Europe and North America and to record breaking utilization for the operators in the private and business aviation sectors. Everyone was ready to build upon this development in 2022 and onwards, as presented at the Corpore Jet Investor Conference in London early March. But the question is if the combination of events since 2019, the rising energy prices, the abandonment of globalization as sacred target and the building up of cold war walls will jeopardize the current trend and the positive outlook. The war is causing death, incredible suffering and destruction of all kinds. The unwanted negative impact on European and global economies comes only second in this long felt impact.

As presented recently at the Winter Aviation Summit in Vevey the world has been losing stability for many reasons and will continue to do so. A good cause to panic? No. But we need to be aware of imminent risks when taking decisions, even when the demand for charter flights is still up for the time being. The pure number of grounded aircraft due to the political sanctions against Russia are not the main threat to Western flight operations. But do not forget about the macro-economic developments and the lessors and insurances that are critically threatened by aircraft not being serviceable and re-possessable. Continuing Airworthiness Management comes into focus.

SAC Business Review

Registration Change Service

SAC was mandated to conduct a registration change of a Gulfstream G450 based in Central Asia. This included the scheduling of all the tasks required for the registration change such as transponder, ELT and life raft beacon recoding, the change of markings and preparing the documentation for the aviation authority.

The entire project was done in Dubai UAE, the maintenance base of the aircraft. Our team is highly experienced in importing and exporting aircraft into various jurisdictions like EASA, FAA, OTAR, San Marino, Guernsey and others.

EASA Part-CAMO Approval Received

SWICAMO GmbH, the SAC subsidiary for delivering Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) services, has successfully transitioned form EASA Part-M to Part-CAMO (Reference CH.CAMO.7010).

SWICAMO is approved by FOCA to manage the continuing airworthiness of airliners (such as the full Airbus A320 range, Boeing 737series, ATR range), business aircraft (Gulfstream, Hawker, Challenger, Falcon series) and helicopters, and has been granted the privilege to carry out airworthiness reviews (AR), issue the related airworthiness review certificate (ARC) and issue a recommendation for the airworthiness review to the competent authority of all EASA Member States.

Besides the EASA approval, SWICAMO holds approvals to manage aircraft (and issue ARC) for aircraft registered in the Bailiwick of Guernsey (2-REG). SWICAMO can quickly re-activate his existing approvals for the Bermuda (BCAA), the Cayman Islands (CAY-CAA) and other aircraft registries convenient to our clients, being the ultimate choice for all CAMO services (CAMO coverage during lease transition, full transition and registration support to/from all EASA member states, review compliance with EASA/FAA/BCAA/CAY-CAA/2REG regulations, including avionic requirements).

SWICAMO was issued its first approval as an independent (from a commercial Air Operator’s Certificate) CAMO in 2009. Our experienced auditors and engineers share a wealth of technical, operational, financial and legal know-how focused on the aviation industry. As such, SWICAMO regularly supports SAC in providing the following services:

  • Pre-buy or pre-lease inspections of aircraft (if mandated by an airline, business aircraft operator or aircraft owner)
  • Technical aircraft recoveries
  • Maintenance supervision and cost controlling
  • Aircraft transitioning (off-lease – overhaul – redelivery)

Furthermore, our CAME is up to the latest digital standards being based on SAC’s content-based software management tool “Authoring <!>”.