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when crisis situations slow down business life it is most important to use the available time to develop new structures and concepts and to invest into opportunities that will pay back in a post-Corona world. While the Central European countries are slowly returning to the new “normality” SAC would like to introduce what we have been working on.

Topic Based Authoring – Our Approach to Aviation Based Documentation

For some time our understanding has been that documentation is written and managed mostly through “old school” but simple word processing. Today more complex advancements are made with web based and structured page by page authoring using well developed outsourced services.

Our solution approach is a topic-based authoring which lays out all the elements of your documentation. Structured and assembled, all those topics become your publication. Not only are manuals – the way you perceive them as single books or physical documents – processed and assembled but many “single books” are merged into ONE publication which can be presented to the end user (pilot, mechanic, ground ops agent, department staff member).

Imagine, your idea of a chapter is now a topic, totally independent from your understanding of a document – revision controlled, freely editable with reusable content, referenced within the publication and best – movable to the place in your publication where you want it, without spending hours to reframe the wording.

Clearly many complex operators say – sure, our current solution already masters this. We answer – let us present to you how we approach it, show you the new look and the potential our solution holds as well as our services around the authoring of publications.

Fresh looks, scalable service, multi-platform use (iOS, Android, Web, tablet, desktop), data in your hands and controlled and compliant processes for any size of operation. Interested in this solution? Let us know and will call and set up a TEAMS to present it.

SAC Business Review

SAC’s Advisory & Compliance unit has reached a milestone with an internal solution project on what future documentation shall look like within an aviation company. And again we have proven that we can deliver support under special conditions; this time to an aircraft buyer for a record review and a physical inspection of the prospected aircraft.

SAC’s Flight Operation and Asset Management teams are supporting a client with setting up an interim operational structure in accordance with EASA Part NCC (ICAO Annex 6 II) for a Bombardier Global 6000 for transition to a new owner. This enables the client to move the aircraft around for demonstration and export flights as needed.

Furthermore, several inspections, audits and valuations in various locations around the globe have been conducted. In June the focus will be on audits in Europe in countries like Germany, Spain, Ukraine and others where the borders are slowly easing up.

Additionally, SAC is glad to announce that we have partnered up with Dviation to offer a comprehensive airliner storage and part out solution in Malaysia. Services include: interim aircraft operations including crewing and flight support, CAMO and aircraft registration changes, MRO solutions for the storage and preservation period, parking, painting and part out as required. Short and long term storage can be arranged at following airports: Kuala Lumpur Subang, Melaka, Ipoh, Kuching, Miri.

It is estimated that roughly 4,000 airliners are going to be taken out of service bringing the global fleet down to 20,000 units.

Meet the SAC Team

Name: Tianyi Ding
Job Title: Asset Manager
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tianyi, how long have you been with the company and why did you join?
“Only one month away, I am going to complete my 8th year with the company. At the time I graduated with a bachelor degree in Aerospace Technology SAC was searching for university graduates to join its operation in the UAE. Luckily, I was selected to be one of the candidates. As a fresh graduate back then, it was a great opportunity to work for an international company with its main base in Zug, Switzerland and a strong presence in the aviation market in Europe. In 2012 SAC already had the vision to develop into the Asian market and a few years later the SAC Malaysia office was established. Moreover, my colleagues have a vast experience and knowledge in the aviation field.”

What do you like most about your current role?
“Working at SAC is all about professionalism, multi-tasking and teamwork. My role as Asset Manager requires me to constantly coordinate with our inspectors, follow up on the aircraft status with various operators, report to our customers regarding their assets, process inspection reports and review aircraft records. In addition to the aircraft in our full asset management programme – for which we do aircraft inspections, operator audits and records checking – we also do a bi-monthly monitoring for a large portfolio of aircraft/helicopters plus we have mandates for numerous ad hoc inspections and operator audits. It can be very demanding sometimes, but I do enjoy the challenge.”

What has been your favourite project so far?
“There have been many projects in the past years which could be my favorites. Due to the complexity of the project I would say the assessment of 5 ATRs in Indonesia which we did this year. We had to submit 5 aircraft inspection reports and 5 aircraft appraisal reports within three weeks. It demonstrated the strong teamwork spirt we have at SAC as well as the accurate time management through all steps of the process until the final release of the reports to the customer.”

List five hashtags that describe your personality.
#Faithful, #Discipline, #Responsible, #Modest, #Independent

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
“When I am not working, I enjoy horse riding, crafting, reading and travelling.”