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It looks like decreasing infection rates for COVID 19 will allow business activities in the aviation sector to grow again. In some regions, especially in the USA, brokers and operators of business jets have already been reporting very high demand and positive outlooks. Europe will follow in due time but is still facing unwanted restrictions and less overall flight activity (15-20%) with the exception of some larger domestic markets.

Demand for the light and long-range jet segment would not be the issue and travelling is just picking up for the summer season and related sports events. Airlines react with more flights and destinations to benefit from this development. Just in time since cash reserves have been eaten up over the past months by fixed costs and MRO projects to tune the fleets. Funds are needed more than ever. National flag carriers, charter and no-frills airlines focusing on leisure travel – demonstrating a solid pre COVID financial history – will be the lucky ones to find government aid or private investors.

All others will have to become creative in securing financial means or changing their business models. We are now seeing a fragile but important window of opportunity that might close again in fall, depending on vaccination progress and impact. A situation we observe in the APAC region where borders still pose obstacles for international and intercontinental traveling with direct effects on other continents. Serious lockdowns have just been imposed again blocking flights from Europe and overseas for more than a year by now. As a result company networks have changed and local sourcing has become more important.

The way of working will look different in the future. It is time to look around for more partners and external subject matter experts and practice remote working methods. Efficiency is key. Especially in view of another winter moving in and most likely with new COVID variants in tow. It is now the time to focus on transitions and to place investments in assets and organizations that have been deeply affected by value losses.

SAC Business Review

Flight Simulator Valuation

Our Asian office got engaged to conduct a valuation of an AgustaWestland AW139 Helicopter Level D Full Flight Simulator based in Malaysia

On the picture from left to right; Captain Mahidzar and Faris Salwan our Business Development Manager APAC and retired RMAF Royal Malaysian Airforce Sikorsky S61A-4 Nuri Pilot.

Time for Investments!

Swiss Aviation Consulting got engaged by an Asian Bank to facilitate their newly defined investments within the aviation sector. The package includes the financing of Boeing 737 aircraft which will be leased to growing clients in the region. The project encompassed a feasibility study, market review, asset and equipment valuations and respective presentations to executive management and approval board.   The Boeing 737 aircraft will be enrolled in the highly developed SAC 2.0 total care asset management program. Our Kuala Lumpur office located in the heart of Southeast Asia managed this exciting project successfully and will continue supervision and execution of all required services.

Air Traffic Control

Swiss Aviation Consulting was awarded the main program management responsibility by a leading Central European ANSP to support in facing post COVID challenges in the ATM environment. The target is to define and implement a proper transition plan for establishing innovative business structures reflecting the future demand in the skies. ANSPs are as affected by COVID and technological trends as are airport operators and all other members of the private, commercial and military aviation community. The program will last for about 2 years.

Meet the SAC Team

Name: Adam Cookson
Job Title: Business Manager Compliance Solutions
Location: SAC Headquarters, Hünenberg/Zug, Switzerland

Adam, for how long have you been with the company and why did you join?
“The initial contact with SAC occurred in 2019 during my study at the Zurich University for Applied Sciences, where I had been studying Aviation. For my Bachelor’s Thesis I was given the chance to partner with SAC, in order to conduct a feasibility study on performance-based compliance monitoring as a service. Since my graduation, I have been in regular contact with the company, and in 2021 a great opportunity arose to join SAC.”

What do you like most about your current role?
“Aviation Management Systems and the actual document authoring are areas which are transforming from the conventional methods to more sophisticated and performance-based systems. Developing new products for the benefit of the industry and possibly pioneering new systems is a very exciting process. Therefore, it is very pleasing to fill the role as the manager for compliance solutions. Last but not least, the position provides me with the possibility to demonstrate and apply my knowledge of the aviation industry acquired over several years.”

What has been your favourite project so far?
“Since joining the team in April, I am working to get our new Document Authoring! Tool onto the market. My first project is not only challenging, but it comprises responsibility and dedication. Mastering these requirements will definitely provide me with the expertise to further deal with future demanding projects and issues.”

List five hashtags that describe your personality.
#ambitious, #vigilant,  #judicious,  #keen,  #reliable

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?
“If not restricted by Covid, enjoying meals at my favorite restaurants, going to the gym, and getting to know new people. Most importantly though, keeping my pilots license and ratings current and up to date.”