In aviation neither the “old” nor the “new normal” business environment has been established. It is still all about monitoring the virus, its ever changing impact on regions and their consequent reaction in terms of mobility restrictions. Mid-term planning seems to remain impossible for most market players. Short-term we need to look at trouble shooting and recognising opportunities in the post summer months. Some niche players have demonstrated their capabilities successfully and take the lead for a steady recovery. With some investigation and persistence international team working is achievable again. At the end of July, SAC was able to successfully manage the ferry flight of a Bombardier Global from East Asia to Europe in a time full of uncertainty but solutions coming up again.


The Aviation Sector worldwide knew COVID-19 would leave nasty scars but everyone was hoping for a steady recovery within the 2nd half of this year. Fact is that while Europe is trying to open up its markets the virus is still raging in some areas thereby restricting free movement and posing great risks for travelers. East-Asia, that seemed to be well ahead in fighting the virus announced to block all border crossings for foreigners until end of August (or longer) and the Americas are still stuck in the middle of a desperate fight for saving lives and recovering stability. Reason enough to take a closer look at the once promising market of Brazil.


When crisis situations slow down business life it is most important to use the available time to develop new structures and concepts and to invest into opportunities that will pay back in a post-Corona world. While the Central European countries are slowly returning to the new “normality” SAC would like to introduce what we have been working on.

SAC supported Bamboo Airways to receive EASA TCO approval

SAC supported a South Asian operator (Bamboo Airways) to achieve its EASA TCO approval. Bamboo Airways intended to start scheduled service into Europe by March 26 but had to postpone due to COVID-19 in regard to their scheduled service. Bamboo was able and thankful to the EASA TCO approval to complete 2 repatriation flights in April for Vietnamese citizen out of Europe.


In the last newsletter we looked at the crisis-ridden commercial aviation sector and the players’ prospects for the coming months and years. While this sector will require 2-3 years to regain its strength the business aviation community is more optimistic about continuing demand and stable prices in case travel restrictions will be cut for the 2nd half of this year and COVID-19 will not see a threatening 2nd wave across the globe. The first region to open up and returning to the “new” old daily routines is East Asia. Reason enough to take a closer look.


The looking-glass world in times of Corona is asking for more breath than initially expected by most of us. While strict measures in Europe bring down infection rates the virus will stay with us for the rest of the year – and longer. We all have to find our ways to cope with the situation and adjust to new conditions. But we can manage by trusting longstanding business relations, becoming creative and communicating openly. The business world will have to become more modest and tolerant.

Global 6000, CAMO / Isle of Man NATR

Swiss Aviation Consulting has been mandated by a major bank to be the CAMO / Isle of Man NATR for a Bombardier Global 6000 based in Southeast Asia. The aircraft has been repossessed by the bank and our technical and operational consulting team members were supporting the lender in facilitating a smooth transition of the aircraft, its records and all agreements attached to it.