Registration Change Service

SAC was mandated to conduct a registration change of a Gulfstream G450 based in Central Asia. This included the scheduling of all the tasks required for the registration change such as transponder, ELT and life raft beacon recoding, the change of markings and preparing the documentation for the aviation authority.


We are starting into a new year that is still filled with uncertainties in the middle of the much discussed Omicron wave sweeping across the winter plagued Northern hemisphere. But 2022 is also marked by strong optimism that the pandemic situation will calm down and not block the aviation specific recovery processes of last year’s second half.

How the Pandemic is Re-shaping Business Aviation

While the global crisis has left many sectors of the world’s industry floundering, especially the aviation industry, we can confidently predict that business aviation is emerging stronger than before. In spite of the overall European business aviation activity in 2021 being behind that of 2019, the strong performance in the second half of last year proves an upward trend and provides us with an optimistic outlook

Service Enhancement Valuations

SAC is delighted to announce that we have added an in-house ASA Accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser (American Society of Appraisers).

ASA is the top-notch industry standard. Obtaining the Senior Aircraft Appraiser requires 5 or more years of experience as an appraiser and further academic requirements and appraisal training courses are required.

ATR72-600 Delivery to Client

Swiss Aviation Consulting completed another ATR 72 project, delivering the Aircraft from Malaysia to our client in Europe.

This exciting project covered technical representation during the heavy maintenance check in Malaysia, Airworthiness Review Recommendation to the competent authority, flight planning & operations of the flight in accordance with Part 125 regulations, export documentation, customs and immigration clearance.


Southeast Asia is slowly opening up again and cross border travelling is returning to become part of daily business activities in a steady recovery process from the COVID crisis. SAC has been monitoring the latest trends and changes very closely out of its Kuala Lumpur office and has developed its own assessment of the situation.